BULK AND CUSTOMIZED SMS YOU CAN MAKE BIG MONEY FROM THIS BUSINESS Let me start by Defining what Bulk SMS is: Bulk SMS is the kind of SMS that is been sent to a large number or small number of people at the same time in which display your name on the person's phone without he or she saving your name on his/her phone. With Bulk SMS it is now very easy to get in touch with large number of people at the same time with customized message.. e.g. Maybe you want to notify Candidates for examination in which will take place in your School by tomorrow, the best option for you is Bulk SMS, what you will just need is their phone number, when you send it, it will deliver the message you send into their phone with a Sender name in which you want it to show... WHERE CAN BULK SMS BE USED?
1. SCHOOLS: Bulk SMS can be used in School to remind Parents of upcoming PTA Meetings and other vital meeting that will be hold in the School.
 2. CHURCHES: Bulk SMS can be used in Church to remind Congregation of Upcoming Services, Preaching, Sending of Sermons and also for reminding or notifying them of Camp visitations.
3. HOSPITALS: Bulk SMS can be used in Hospitals for reminding Patient of Dosage to be taken, For Notifying Mothers about Clinic Date and Post Natal or Anti-Natal Date.
 4. BANKS: Bulk SMS is widely used by Banks nowadays, when you make a Payment or a Withdrawal from the Bank, an SMS is sent to your Phone, notifying you that you have just make a payment or a Withdrawal from your Account...That mark the value of Bulk SMS in our Today Economy. You can Register for a Bulk SMS Reseller Account @ any of the Website below and earn Money:
HOW TO EARN MONEY FROM THIS: You can Earn Money from this Business very well and Legitimately, Let me explain Further: The Company offer SMS sending for #3.00 per SMS, So you will call it for the School or Company # 7.00 per SMS, When you Pay the SMS Company their Money, You will have gain of #4.00 per SMS, So when you send to 40,000 people, You will have 40,000 * 4 =160000 as your Own gain. Need to create your own bulk SMS website yourself and connect it to the bulks SMS company, then click HERE.

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