Last time l wrote how any one in the world can own a globally accepted payoneer Debit Master card cheap to you Nigerian Address. If you have not read it do so by clicking HERE. After come back and read this.

Payoneer now requires that you load your card for the first time from any of
the Payoneer partners.

The reason is that, some of these networks made deals with Payoneer itself
to render cards unusable and unloadable till at least youve gotten a first
payment from them, either from promoting one of their services or selling
something. They just dont want you to take their free card and disappear.

This is as against what is obtainable in the past when you can easily load the
card initially with your credit card [physical or virtual].
Below, Ill share few simple methods of funding the card for the first time
with ease using ecurrencies (Webmoney, Liberty Reserve, Moneybookers,
PayPal and even Naira WAO!).

 Thereafter, Ill also give some other ways you can subsequently load funds
into your Payoneer card with ecurrencies.

Its worthy of note that you can receive fund/earnings from any Payoneer
partners irrespective of the partner you got the card from. All you need do is
to click on withdrawal link on the Payoneer partners site you wish to
withdraw from, choose the Payoneer Debit MasterCard option and when
taken to the sign up page, click on: “If you already own a prepaid
MasterCard card from Payoneer, Click Here!”

Login you Payoneer details and the account will be linked to your Payoneer
Lets go:

Method 1 – Scriptlance.com:
Using Scriptlance.com, you can deposit PayPal/Money bookers funds into
your Scriptlance account and then withdraw it into your Pioneers Card.
There is option for depositing as well as withdrawing the money at
scriptlance.com. Its best to create two accounts. Deposit from one and send the funds to the other accounts, from where you withdraw to your Payoneer MasterCard after 3-4 days.

Method 2 – Freelancer.com:
This works in the same way as Scriptlance.com. But here, you must access
the two accounts from different IPs. Freelancer accepts Webmoney, which is
Nigerian friendly.

Method 3 – Plimus.com:
If youve got a dom account, this method should be your best!
Reason: Plimus requires that first time withdrawal must be to a domiciliary
Account through wire transfer. I guess thats a kind of verification measure.

What you do here is to create a seller account with Plimus.com. Then set up
a ”buy now button, even if you don’t have any product for sale.

There are all details given about how to create buy now buttons. And you
can pay to yourself via the link to your „buy now using either PayPal or your credit/debit card (virtual cards and most Nigerian banks ATM cards are now accepted).

Once you have some funds in your Plimus account, withdraw some amount
to your dom account via wire transfer and once the verification processes
are complete, you can subsequently withdraw to your Payoneer card.

For withdrawing, make sure you have $35 in your account; and then you can
request for withdrawing the money to your card. Plimus sends payment on
the 15th of every month.

Method 4 – FriendFinder.com:
Funding your Payoneer card for the first time can also easily be done
through FriendFinders affiliate network. You know what 'affiliate marketing'
program or affiliate program is?

FriendFinder per Member Payout affiliate program pays you $1.00 to $2.00
for each person you refer that signs up for a free membership account with
their site from US.

So, all you need is to do a little promotion on your affiliate link and you will
be sure of getting close to 50 persons which. Getting the 50 persons makes
you $50 if they are men and $100 if women; and you can simply withdraw
into your card. Straightaway!]

Follow the below steps.
Join FriendFinder Affiliate program HERE. Visit the site and click on the
„webmaster earn money located at the bottom of the site.
Then choose the Option 1 – Per member Payout and complete the

Complete the registration process and get your affiliate link. Then head over
to Facebook Ads to promote it.
The good news is that you can now pay for your Facebook ads using your
GTB MasterCard ATM. I guess the ATM of other banks can also work for this.
You can also buy a virtual credit card online and use for this purpose.
While setting up your ads, ensure to set target country as USA and stake
your cost per click at $0.50.
All things been equal, $50 ads credits will give you 100 clicks; which just a
65% conversion rate makes you $120.
For more tips on how to set up Facebook ads, check out this free resource I found online.

That is

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 To your success

Taiwo Ibiyemi

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