The Most Hidden Secret In Education Reveals...
How You Too Can Study For Your Undergraduate, Masters' Or Doctorate Degree Abroad In Any University Of Your Choice ...Without Spending A Single Kobo In School Fees -Guaranteed"
Dear Admission Seeker,
Are you frustrated with writing JAMB every year and yet no show?
Tired of staying at home when all your friends are in University already?
or maybe you're already in University but hate the course you're studying and want to get started on one your heart longs for.
Or perhaps, your secret dream for years has been to study abroad but due to lack of funds, you 'abandoned' the idea?
Are you afraid, really afraid that when you're through with school, you may not be able to find a job?
If any of the above descriptions fits your current positions, I want you to...
Shut the door, put off your cell phone and read this letter very carefully because…your future totally depends on it!
Gone are the days when you had to write JAMB and wait for months for the result only to get it and see that you scored below 200 points yet again. Not because you are a retard and don't have an once of clever brain in your head, no. It simply happened because the people at JAMB and those who set the Aptitude Test questions are the real blockheads.
Now you can say goodbye to all that bullshit...and take up this incredible opportunity to school abroad without even paying a single kobo for it!
But like I said earlier...only people of imagination and quick thinking can take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime chance at making their life glorious.
Why do I say this?
Because a window of opportunity has just opened up for YOU regardless of tribe and background to get any amount of education you want-up to PHD level, without spending a single kobo on it. And the amazing thing about it is, you get to school abroad to boot!
But before you start screaming...
How Is That Possible?
Let me explain!
Over the past few years since year 2000, Scandinavian countries (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, etc) have been running a program which allow ANY student to study from Undergraduate to PHD level for FREE!
Why would they do this? Why are they this generous?
The Truth Of The Matter Is...
they are not really being generous. They're actually being selfish!
These countries are simply borrowing a leaf from the world's big brother, the United States of America.
It's no longer a secret that America became a super power, not so much because they were so clever. They became a super power because...they learnt how to use the combined knowledge of people from diverse backgrounds to develop their country!
In the 1960's, up till the 1985, anyone who cared to could enter the USA and gain admission to study any course of their choice! It was so easy to get a visa and few people who knew about it back then, took the chance. Today that has been the wisest decision they have ever made in their life...
Today America is better off for it, as they have the best surgeons, the best sportsmen, the best lawyers, the best scientists, the best...whatever else you can think of... and 90% of them are not Americans by birth.
Think of the French national football team  which has 22 players but only 5 original French men...
Today, Your Own Chance Is Here, All You Have To Do Is...
Take it!
Since the turn of the the new millennium, Scandinavian countries like Finland, Sweden, and Denmark are also beginning to think like the Americans. Yes they want their country to develop rapidly, and they're clever enough to know that they can't do it with their small populations. Only letting people from other countries come in would help them achieve this goal.
But they were faced with a problem
They didn't want to throw their borders open and let just about everybody in (like drug pushers, prostitutes, and riff-raffs)
Yet, they wanted to have lots of people with ideas come in and help develop their countries. So...
They Came Up With...
A plan to invite students to enter their countries. The plan is...they let you come in to study FREE of charge. After your study, you naturally owe them (I mean they just let you go to school for FREE) so you stay back to work in the country...or set up a business. From the efforts of not just you but thousands of others, their economy booms and their nation prospers!
You win, they win.
And you know what? this opportunity has been on board since 2001! yet so few people know about it!
You May Be Asking Yourself
Why should I bother schooling abroad?
Well I'll let you know that...
Over 90% of Nigerian graduates end up without having a job. If you go to school abroad, getting a job overseas or in Nigeria is guaranteed.
Our companies here seem to have a special love for people who go to school abroad, even Government parastatals.  Didn't you hear this story?
Two years ago NLNG (Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Company) advertised for graduates to fill vacancies. When the applicants got there on the day for the interview, the NLNG officials asked them to stand in two separate lines...one line for those who went to University in Nigeria (it didn't matter if you went to Covenant University where you paid =N=450,000 a session or University of Uyo where you paid =N=30,000, just stand in one line)...
The other line was for those who went to University abroad (it also didn't matter if you attended Harvard or Julius Nyerere University in Tanzania)
Now guess what the NLNG guys did? They started calling in those who went to school abroad first! Now...
What Does This Tell You?
That going to school in Nigeria is well...not in vogue anymore.
That it will be hard, extremely hard for you to get a job in this country soon if you attended only a local school.
That those who matter are those who school abroad!
Why Not be Like Them?
Why not be exactly one of those who are schooled abroad? Especially now that you can do it without spending a single dime of your own money...
How can you do that?
School Abroad For Free: How To Get Admission For Undergraduate, Masters or PHD Study Abroad Without Spending A Kobo!
'School Abroad For Free' is an ebook which shows you in step-by-step detail how to take advantage of the greatest opportunity that has come your way this year meaning...
If you actually can write down your name (I don't why not), can fill a few FREE forms online (so easy to do) and have a WAEC/NECO/GCE certificate, Bachelors Degree or Masters D (for aspiring undergraduates, masters students or Doctorate students respectively), then you can get admission into a school in either Finland, Sweden or Denmark and study without paying a single kobo in school fees.
And the amazing  and most exciting part of it is that...
It doesn't matter where you start! You can start as an Undergraduate and still study up to Doctorate Degree (PHD) level without paying a single kobo!
Other benefits include
You choose ANY course you want to study as long as the school you apply to offers it. No second choice nonsense. If you want to study Medicine, Economics, Law, Mechanical Engineering. That's what you get period.
Opportunity to work and school at the same time. This means that you can earn money to spend on yourself as you like or send home as you wish anytime!
Immediate issuance of a Schengen VISA. With this visa, you can enter and leave any country in Europe anytime you want. It's like a multiple entry VISA, only better!
Eligibility to gain permanent residency in the country. This means that after your studies end, you can apply for permanent residency in this country and get it, making you a legal resident who can own a house, get married or start your own business right there.
Best of all, There is no age limit!
Rearing to take advantage of this opportunity, right away? But, I'm not done yet. Here's are other deep secrets you need to learn to achieve success with this program, right inside the 'School Abroad For Free' ebook.
 The first thing you need to do to be able to study abroad for free. Miss this and all your efforts will be in vain
 How to locate the EXACT schools in these countries that are favourably disposed to accepting students from Nigeria.
How to apply online and get approved in days...instead of weeks!
 Take this next step immediately you finish your application, without it you're cooked. HINT: It will help you get approved faster and prevent failure!
 How to schedule your interview with the embassy (yes you do it yourself) and what days are best to do it to get your visa without any hassles
 The one form to fill after you have been offered admission. Without filling and submitting it beforehand, the embassy people will not even talk to you.
 The EXACT documents you need to take along with you to the embassy for your interview. No it's not just your certificates. It includes this VERY IMPORTANT document without which your journey will be fruitless...(details inside 'School Abroad For Free').
 Why you don't need to write an exam to benefit from this opportunity and even when you have to, how to pass it so easily you'll wonder at yourself.
 How to choose schools with low cut-off marks in their entrance examinations, so you can easily get accepted.
 The best two periods of the year to apply for admission and why one of them works better than the other 50% of the time.
 A bank that will gladly help you qualify on all counts, so you don't have to worry about the embassy people...
and lots more!
Here's PROOF This Works
The best way I know to prove to you that these techniques really work is by giving you some free samples and by showing you testimonials from guys and gals that have already used these techniques successfully.
Now, I also figured that instead of giving you some useless sample...Why not?...let you here from someone who has actually travelled abroad to school using the same exact secrets I teach you inside 'School Abroad For Free', the person who actually showed me this system?

Shola Frank  is his name. Using the same secrets in 'School Abroad For Free' he got admission to study Business Administration in Finajoki University Of Applied Science And Business School, Helsinki, Finland.

I met Shola about two months before he left the country to study in Finland for FREE. I must have done something right because he told me all these secrets right before he travelled. So here's Shola's himself with a testimonial...

My name is Shola Akintunde. And I must let you know that it's true, you can come over here to Finland to study without paying a dime in school fees.
I just got an email via Facebook from my friend, Adejobi Israel saying he had organised the information I gave him into an ebook and asking if I could recommend that people buy it, and I say a whole hearted, Yes! Get it."
If you have ever wanted to study abroad, this is the best time to do it. You'd better hurry and get started right away. No one knows when these governments will withdraw these offers.
And get 'School Abroad For Free' to guide you. I've read it and inside, Adejobi Isreal did even a better job than I told him. he has done deeper research and reveals simple but killer tactics that will help you tremendously.
I can't recommend it highly enough.
Shola Akintunde
Now that you've heard from Shola, I bet you must just want to have your own copy of 'School Abroad For Free'. But wait just a minute...
I Have More Good News For You!
When you place your order for the 'School Abroad For Free' ebook, you'll also receive these 3 amazing Bonuses from me at No Extra Cost!
Special Bonus # 1: How To Avoid Getting Deported Soon After You land In Your Chosen Country
Mike told me the other day that 13 Nigerians were deported the other day and he very nearly was among them! No they didn't rob someone at gun point. What did they do? How can you avoid making the same mistake? You'll get all the details in this  free report when you get your own copy of 'School Abroad For Free'.
Special Bonus # 2: The School Abroad Master List Swipe File
Inside this ebook, is a list of ALL the schools you can apply to and get admission to study for a Degree, Masters' or Doctorate degree categorized into their respective countries and their correct websites and list of courses offered.
This is like a box full of gold. With it in your hands, you have everything you need to apply and get admitted successfully.
Special Bonus # 3: List Of Scholarships In Sweden, including the ones Nigerians are eligible for.
There are lots of scholarships abroad, but which ones are Nigerians eligible for in Sweden. You get the full list here.
Here's What You Will Discover In The E-guide When You've Secured Your Copy
CHAPTER 1 - The Introduction
  CHAPTER 2 - First Things First: What You Need To Get Right Before Getting Started
CHAPTER 3 - Choosing The Right School (University)
CHAPTER 4 - How To Apply Online And Get Your Application Approved In Days...Instead Of Weeks
  CHAPTER 5 - How To A Get A Resident Permit In The Countries Of The Universities Offering School Abroad For Free Programmes
CHAPTER 6 - Is A Student Allowed To Work While Studying? (Yes, on Part-time basis)
CHAPTER 7 - How To Apply For A Study Visa At The Embassy Of Finland, Sweden And Norway in Nigeria And The Requirements Needed
CHAPTER 8 - 7 Top Secrets Of Passing The Embassy Interview Questions
  CHAPTER 9 - Financial Concerns: A Place Where You Can Look For Foreign Jobs Immediately You Get The Admission.
Amongst others...
Extra Bonus Chapters In The e-Guide Reveal The Following...
How To Avoid Being Deported Soon After You Land Into Any Of The Their Various Countries Offering The School Abroad Free Programme
Addresses, Telephone Numbers and Websites of Higher Education Institutions In Finland, Sweden and Norway
Amongst others...
So onifde shola, How Much Does It Cost, You Ask? 
It's not so much about what it costs, really. It's about what you will gain from reading this report. that's why I've decided to make you a...
Yes, as the latest visitor to this website and because I know you're someone who wants to make their life better. So I've decided to make it easy on you. All you need to do to get your own copy of 'School Abroad For Free' is
only =N=2,500.
Why is it at this low low price?
Simple. I want every interested person to have it. At this price it is very affordable to anyone who wants it. 
But You Have To ACT Now...Before It's Too Late.
Truth is...I'm literally giving this information away. I mean, compare the price of =N=2,500 for a guaranteed success system to paying =N=60,000 and above to a 'consultant' plus the school fees, you'll agree with me that this must be the most incredible bargain you've ever come across in your life!
But you have to indicate your interest by placing your order for 'School Abroad Made Easy' within the next 3 days...
If at the end of this time, you still haven't placed your order, your price by then will be =N=6,700.
If you don't like this condition, please you mustn't buy my product. Feel free to visit any education consultant but be sure you have ready their hefty fees before going.
Otherwise, save yourself =N=4,200 right away by placing your order now (see instructions below)
To further quell your concerns...I want you to know that you are FULLY protected by my...
No Questions Asked 365 Days It-Will-Work Or A FULL 100% Refund Money-Back Guarantee
Order and download 'School Abroad For Free'. Put to use the strategies inside it exactly as I show you and if after 365 days (one year) you don't gain admission into a university abroad as promised for FREE…or you are not absolutely delighted for any reason…You will receive not only a prompt, courteous refund but also my sincerest apologies for wasting your time."

Sound fair?
Now, I don't want to sound like some salesman or something…I really don't…I do want to strongly urge you to order right now because I just can not imagine ANYTHING that can make you happier than enjoying the best education in a foreign country you'll absolutely love for FREE…Can you?
I mean...
...every moment you wait…makes it harder and harder and harder to take advantage of this opportunity because...we don't know what the government in these countries will decide next. It is INDIFFERENCE and NOT FATE…that is YOUR BIGGEST ENEMY right now.
So please... I want you to read the order instruction box below. Place your order. Download 'School Abroad For Free' so we can get started today. This is your chance to not only gain quality education, but also travel abroad and I believe fate has brought us together : -)

Here's How To Order Your own Copy Of 'School Abroad For Free

Pay =N= 2,500 only into the bank account below at any branch of GUARANTEE TRUST BANK
Account name:   IBIYEMI TAIWO
Account No:
Send a text message to me on (07032723698) with the following details:
  • School Abroad Guide
  • Your Name
  • Teller number
  • Your email Address
The N2,500 you are paying is for the e-guide through which you will learn all it takes to apply for admission abroad starting almost immediately, instead of you to pay consultants N50,000 - N120,000.
I will confirm your payment as soon as you notify me. I will then send 'School Abroad For Free Guide' to your email address within 15-30 minutes of getting a payment confirmation from the bank.

It's that simple! 

Frequently Asked Questions
Question 1: What if I order and for some reason it just doesn't work for me?

Answer: It is my opinion, like we talked about earlier that there really is no impossible situation, but I have been wrong before and if for some weird reason it doesn't work for you…or even if you are not absolutely delighted FOR ANY REASON…please, I WANT you to get a refund. In fact, you have a full 365 days, that's one FULL year before you have to decide. How cool is that?
Question 2: Can't I just find this information free on the internet?

Answer: I LOVE to save my money and find stuff free when I can, but I know for a fact that the only place on the planet that you can get your hands on what is inside 'School Abroad For Free' is right here. See, I have spent hours looking at what is available…and some of it is tepidly okay…but you don't get the WHOLE PICTURE…and reading an article or two without really understanding what you are doing…can really hurt your chances rather than improve them.
Question 3: What about the other "Study Abroad Agencies?

Answer: Fair question…I won't say anything bad about them. At the same time I can sum up what "my competition" charges you for in just a few sentences…
If you feel you have all the money in the world and can afford to pay =N=60,000 to =N=100,000 consultation fees for something you can handle yourself comfortably, then feel free to roll your money down the drain.

Do you want a summary of what they'll tell you to do? Okay…here's what nearly every one education consultancy tells you in just a different way…
"Have our brochure. Choose any school you like. Pay us...(add amount here) and leave the rest to us. We'll let you know when you'll come write your exam."
THAT'S IT!...Can you believe it? …that is what they tell you to do for EVERY situation! Some pose as if their grandfather owns the embassies and has assigned it to them as an inheritance in their will…and that's the somewhat sincere ones…if you meet the scammers among them...well God help you!
Frankly, 90% of the time you can simply go online for 30 minutes, fill in the correct forms, send off the correct documents and book embassy appointments. the same things agencies will still require you to do. You'll begin to wonder what you paid them all that money for?

Question 4: When will I receive 'School Abroad Made Easy'?

Answer: Great question. You will receive it immediately after you have ordered because it is a downloadable book (ebook). So you will have it on your hard drive and in your hands in as little as 15-30 minutes. It is  very safe, reliable and so easy a caveman could download it.
Question 5: Will I have to take entrance examinations to get accepted?

Answer: Yes! I mean which school worth their onions will admit someone without any form of testing examinations? Even our lousy schools here conduct Aptitude tests and all what not, how much more world class universities. But not to worry. You'll find that their exams are quite simpler than what you see here.

Inside 'School Abroad For Free', I even reveal schools that have cut-off marks as low as 45 points, so you can choose those ones. The school you choose doesn't matter. All of them are world-class and of course 1000 times far better than any school in Nigeria, even the private universities.

Question 6: How long will it take me from application online to getting a visa to travel?

Answer: Another great question! It's going to take you about 4-5 months maximum, nothing more than that. The schools have a strict academic calendar and they'll love you stick to it too.

Of course you'll get to learn right inside School Abroad For Free', the best times to make your applications.

Question 7: Do I have to write SAT or TOEFL exam before I gain admission?

No, you don't. First of all you don't ever have to write SAT, never. As for TOEFL, you need to write that.

Question 8: What if I have a question about something in 'School Abroad For Free'?

Answer: Terrific! It would be my pleasure to give you a hand and I give you a special "customers only" contact address within the manual.

I REALLY want you to be successful at getting admission into a school abroad…I will take you by the hand and...
-Show you the right way. (short cuts won't work)
-Assess how qualified you are based on the country and school you're targeting.
-Based on where you are give you a step by step  proven "guide map" to get you where you want to go.
-Teach you what you need to do to stay there once you make it.

Imagine just travelling abroad and being able to...

-Witness first hand all those stories about how organised things are over there
-Go to school and earn money at the same time
-Get a visa that'll let you enter and leave any country in Europe anyhow you like
-be able to gain permanent residency status allowing you to enjoy the rights and priviledges available to European Union members.
-Have all the facilities available to plan for your future.
-Stop lamenting about how bad Nigeria is and start living the life
You CAN have all of the above again for only =N=2,500. With an iron clad "School Abroad For Free" or "Get Your Money Back" guarantee there is no risk to you.

Take the decision that will change your life today.

Taiwo Ibiyemi
P.S. Don't wait for the price to go up...or for this offer to disappear! It'll be gone before you know it, without warning. You would regret that. Get this now while it's as low an investment in your future as it'll ever be...

P.P.S. There's zero risk here. The rock-solid 100% money-back guarantee makes this a true no-brainer.

P.P.P.S. Getting a quality education abroad doesn't get any easier or cheaper than this - you can enroll very easily in a school abroad for FREE! Act now and see your dreams fulfilled!

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